"Dear Visitors,

Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions, please read it carefully,
there are all information you need to come to Gavdos.

 Have a good journey!

Your Sofia Rooms Team 

1. How do I come to Gavdos?

You will find a very accurate description of the way to Gavdos here:

2. What ist the timetable of the boat to/from Gavdos?

The boat connection is provided by Anendyk Company.
Look at: http://www.anendyk.gr/pages/en/timetable.php?lang=EN

3. How ist the weather like on Gavdos?

Remember the boat connection depends of the weather.
So please check at first the weather condition and ask if the boat will come the port police station in Sfakia or Paleochora.
Forecast: http://www.meteo.gr/meteoplus/cf_printEN.cfm?city_id=115

4.  What ist the timetable of public bus to Paleochora or to Sfakia?

You can come to Gavdos with the boat from Paleochora or from Sfakia.
So you need the bus connection from Chania (or Heraklion) to Paleochora or Sfakia.
Look at: http://bus-service-crete.com/timetabledet.php?line=3&lg=2

We are welcome you dear visitor. The forgotten south of Crete Gavdos or otherwise Claudius, filled with people attracted by the mysteries of energy, who wants to wonder around on beautiful beaches, to traverse the sandy hills, get lost looking at the starry sky...

Our comfortable and luxury rooms are built of local stone and wood giving you a taste of most souther island hospitality and taste. All of them are equipped with air condition and refrigerator for your comfortable stay. Each room has its own balcony overlooking the deep ...

Next to the "Sofia Rooms" is a Sofias Restaurant - tavern, serving aperitifs, lunch, cocktails and dinner. Here you can enjoy freshly cooked good food, traditional dishes of our land, Cretan kaltsounia, handmade pies, famous goat stew,
all made from local meats from local producers ...